NFT Drop Lottery for Functionlanders

Originally published at: NFT Drop Lottery for Functionlanders - FXland WWW

As promised, Functionland’s team has been working day and night in 4 different time zones to deliver the absolute best experience for Functionlanders. As a result, our team decided to reward the early members of our community with an unique collection of 1,000 NFTs named “Functional Elephants Club’’.

The Functional Elephant Club NFTs are designed by Sheida Shahbaz, an experienced designer and resident Artist of “Bored Ape Ladies Collective”. You can see her previous works here:

Out of These 1,000 NFTs, 500 will be dropped to our community’s Polygon wallets without them paying for minting. Out of the 500 FEC NFTs that we allocated for our drop, the early members of our Telegram (who joined our Telegram before this post) get one by filling out the form, and the rest will drop to our new members through a lottery. But in order for our community to be eligible for this draw, they need to fill out the form on

The other 500 NFTs of this connection will be available to mint at a later time. Please wait for the announcement in our Telegram.

The “Functional Elephants Club’’ collection comes with a set of functionalities for before TGE, during TGE and after TGE:

· Before TGE: any wallet that has the Functional Elephant Club’s NFT in it, gets 10% off on our Kickstarter campaign to buy Box and become a member of our network. In addition to the discount, the first 100 FEC NFT holders, who purchase the Box at our Kickstarter event, will be qualified for the fast-lane shipping, which means they will be the first 100 people to receive the Box globally with a certificate.

· During TGE: any wallet that has the Functional Elephant Club’s NFT in it, will be automatically whitelisted for our public sale, if they successfully pass the KYC.

· After TGE: This will definitely surprise our community and it has something to do with staking (hint,hint), so we will release this function at a later date.

Qualification Instructions for the drop:

1- Join our Telegram group (

2- Have a Polygon wallet. If you do not know how to switch to the Polygon network on Metamask, please read this.

3- Go on our NFT webpage and fill out the form.

4- After you submit the form, you are in our NFT draw, but if you want more chances to win, share your referral code with your friends. Each person that successfully submit the form with your referral code, you get an extra chance in our draw.

Please note each Telegram handle can fill out the form only once and get only one NFT. Multiple submissions result in disqualification for the drop.

As mentioned before, our NFT drop will be conducted on Polygon Network and the last day to fill out the form and become eligible for this drop is 8:00 p.m UTC, December 31, 2021.