New Look, Same Core Values

Originally published at: New Look, Same Core Values - FXland WWW

Team Functionland is thrilled to unveil our new brand identity and refreshed logo!

We’ve spent the past few months working closely with members of our community, pouring our hearts and souls into creating a modern, essential brand image that is a “perfect fit” for Functionland.

Your help was essential. You championed a look that is immediately recognizable, easy to use across different media. A look that encapsulates our shared vision.

The “square” design of our logo represents our individual Web3, BAS (Blockchain-Attached Storage) tower, as viewed from above. It’s a measure of our focus on developing our main product to serve users like you all over the world. The green colors in our logo represent our low-impact, low-energy consumption technology, as well as our use of sustainable materials for its construction. Additional black elements highlight the green and connote a sense of modernity.

We are also proud to introduce our company values, presented here in order to help those unfamiliar with our work to gain a clearer understanding of Functionland and the philosophy behind our Web3 BAS solutions. Our core values include privacy, security, decentralization, independence, voice of the people, favoring peer-to-peer collaboration, a reward system proportional to value added, consumed or transferred within the Fula Network, equity of rewards and fundamental system fairness.

Ultimately, our greatest value lies in our ability to build a functioning, productive community. We are the world’s foremost believers in the benefits of crowd storage over cloud storage!

We counterbalance our values with a set of concepts and principles we DO NOT accept and WILL NOT support: monopolistic practices (power in the hands of a restricted few); cheating or ripping off our community; and “gaming the system” in any way, shape or form.

If you have used our previous Functionland logo in any of your marketing materials, please take this opportunity to update them. We appreciate your support and remain open to and interested in any feedback our community has to offer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love to talk to you!