Mass dAppeal: An Exciting Design for FxBlox

Originally published at: Mass dAppeal: An Exciting Design for FxBlox - FXland WWW


If a new piece of tech works perfectly, providing a seamless user experience and performing every function it was built for, then who cares what it looks like?We do.We want the FxBlox to be more than just a block of high-performing hardware. We want it to be an element of home design that anyone would be proud to place front-and-center in their own living room. That’s why we partnered with multihyphenate Yves Béhar and his skilled team to create an attractive look and feel for the FxBlox.

Smooth lines. Modular buildability. Interchangeable covers. Personalized colors. A clean, easy-to-understand design… Yves and his team delivered on every request we made, and their hard work shows. Reviews have been pouring in and overwhelmingly positive among visitors at the Futurist Conference this week in Toronto, where we officially unveiled FxBlox’s new design.

Take a look here. What do you think? Remember, we LOVE getting feedback from our fellow Functionlanders!

With the look and feel where we want it, our focus is turning backstage, to finetuning the Fula Network and dapps that populate the FxBlox. Decentralized applications – or dapps for short – are just like the digital apps found on any smartphone or laptop, only better, because they employ blockchain technology to make sure your private data stays private! Dapps we have created, for example Fotos and Files, will help make the FxBlox the cornerstone of peoples’ lives online.

One well-designed piece at a time, our dream of offering everyone safe, subscription-free storage, useful dapps and an ecosystem that rewards developers for making and maintaining them is coming together.

And we love the way it looks!