A Formidable Partnership

Originally published at: A Formidable Partnership - FXland WWW

Functionland, Inc., pioneers of Blockchain-Attached Storage (BAS) and builders of the web3 home server known as Box, have announced a partnership with Formidable, a global software firm. Formidable will build applications that run on Box and store data on its BAS software solution.

“We want to bring a Box into every home, where people can use it for their most common, everyday computing needs like file and photo sharing”

Functionland is attracting significant interest in Box and BAS. The company’s initial seed funding round in early 2022 was oversubscribed by 40%, and its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign exceeded its target within four minutes of launch. The campaign closed with over .5M in funding from nearly one thousand individual backers.

Box is a turnkey, plug-and-play hardware device that runs applications and enables secure, decentralized storage for apps. It also provides incentives to app developers and to Box owners for sharing storage and compute resources with other owners.

Formidable is an innovative engineering design and software company that partners with clients to build solutions for the cloud, mobile and modern web. They are also rich contributors to open source, and have worked on a number of React projects including Victory, urql and Spectacle.

Functionland will work closely with Formidable, developing a number of utility applications. “We want to bring a Box into every home, where people can use it for their most common, everyday computing needs like file and photo sharing,” said Keyvan Sadeghi (CEO, Functionland). “Formidable has a solid track record of building innovative software solutions. We’re looking forward to working with them to develop useful and engaging apps for Box.”

“Functionland is transforming the cloud with Box and its blockchain-attached storage,” said Carlos Kelly, CTO, Formidable. “We are looking forward to bringing a few key dApps into the Box ecosystem to fuel adoption and rapid growth of this new category of storage that provides an innovative alternative to the cloud.”

“This partnership is an exciting development,” said Ehsan Shariati (CTO, Functionland). “Bootstrapping the ecosystem with high-utility applications is a key driver for us. Formidable brings deep expertise in web software development, and we look forward to collaborating with them to bring File Management and Password Management applications to our users, as well as expanding our efforts into other blockchain apps in the future.”